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Challenge your thinking, re-focus your actions

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We offer a variety of workshops that deliver results- and action-oriented programs to help you leverage athletics on your campus. All workshops are structured on three guiding principles:

  1. Athletics is an integral part of the educational experience
  2. The student-athlete experience has unique challenges and opportunities
  3. Participants must develop concrete action steps

Workshops can range from a half-day session to 2 days and qualify for NCAA grant funding to help offset costs. All sessions are highly interactive and tailored to your institution or conference.


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Sample “Athletics Integration Workshop” agenda:

  1. What does Integration really mean, anyway?
  2. Clarifying and aligning your athletics mission
  3. Defining outcomes
  4. Recognizing challenges and opportunities
  5. Understanding the student-athlete experience
  6. Developing strategies for effective integration
  7. Roles, relationships and responsibilities
  8. Planning for action

Intended for:

Broad participant base of athletics staff and coaches, student affairs staff, faculty and senior administrators.


1-2 days


Presentation, group discussions

Specific agenda and format are designed around institution / conference objectives, participants and duration. Contact us for more information.

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