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NCAA Membership

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NCAA Membership

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The NCAA Division III membership process is a five-year process from start to full active member status. Institutions interested in joining, or reclassifying from another NCAA division, must submit an application for Exploratory Membership in January of the academic year preceding the intended exploratory year. More information can be found on the NCAA web site. [pullquote]Mark’s help and guidance throughout the exploratory year and provisional application process was invaluable. I can’t begin to describe the exceptional job he did walking us through the process, identifying specific strengths and weaknesses, designing a timeline and a strategy, and giving us the insiders view on specifically what the NCAA membership committee is looking for. He knows his stuff inside out, and he’s able to communicate that knowledge efficiently and effectively to others. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. – Randy Sieminski, Athletics Director SUNY Canton[/pullquote]

After an institution is accepted into the Exploratory Year and determines that Division III is a good fit, it then submits an application for Provisional Membership  by January.  If accepted, the process requires four years of successful completion of Provisional member requirements.

Division III legislation limits each provisional class to a maximum of four institutions. It is expected that all Provisional applicants meet existing NCAA Division III sports sponsorship requirements prior to application. All institutions are evaluated for membership based on preparedness and demonstrated commitment to Division III principles and philosophy. If more than four institutions apply, the most qualified and prepared institutions are selected. If four or fewer institutions apply it does not guarantee an institution will be accepted.

Majeski Athletic Consulting has extensive, hands-on experience with the Division III membership process. We help assess your preparedness and will guide you through the application process and requirements.

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Current NCAA members are required to complete a Self Study at least once every five years. We can help you complete your required NCAA self-study and design an strategic action plan to address goals.

There may also be situations when the NCAA requires an external review of compliance procedures as a part of fulfilling probationary sanctions.

We are experienced in working within NCAA guidelines and requirements for existing NCAA members.

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